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Practicing Your Intuition and Finding Wisdom in “Everyday” Activities

Practicing Your Intuition and Finding Wisdom in “Everyday” Activities

Written by: Courtney D. Starkey, M.Ed., CHt  

This week I’ve been pretty naughty.       Even though I have a lengthy “to do” list… I have completed five (yes, five) jigsaw puzzles during the course of the week.  It’s rare for me to work on five puzzles in a year, much less in a seven day period. 

The “gateway” puzzle was merely a cute activity to enjoy with my husband.  A 500 piece puzzle and two glasses of red wine were all we needed for a fabulous Friday night!  We had so much fun piecing together a picture of two fluffy kittens that we broke out another puzzle (this time a beagle puppy in a basket… very adorable!). 

It was great fun to work on the puzzles over the weekend and a “responsible” person probably would have ended it there.  The thing is, our puzzle of Cathedral Rock in Sedona wasn’t going to piece itself together!  Plus (and more importantly), I started to find the puzzles to be quite soothing and even meditative once I got into a zone.   

The experience was meditative in that I was able to focus so purely on one thing that the chatter actually quieted in my head.  Even the “monkey” in my mind understood that the priority (above all other priorities) was finding that one missing puzzle piece that would connect all the pieces around it. 

And then the experience became contemplative as the connections between working on a jigsaw puzzle and living life became more and more apparent.  Is life “like a box of chocolates”?  Sure.  Is it also like a jigsaw puzzle?  You bet! 

Once I was into the fourth puzzle (five kittens with maddeningly similar fur color), the process started to take on a new tone and a new energy.  The fact that the kittens’ fur color was so similar forced me to approach that puzzle differently.  I really had to scan and survey all those little puzzle pieces.  I truly had to look at them… over and over… until I became so familiar with the nuances of the pieces that there was a tonal shift in the experience.  The energy transitioned from one of struggle to one of ease and intuition and even trust.

After locking into the nuanced detail of the kittens’ fur I became increasingly aware that I was drawn to the right puzzle pieces.  At first, I thought, “Oh!  I am so lucky to have accidentally looked at the exact right piece that I need at this very moment!”  And then it happened again.  And again. 

As the “luck” continued, I finally began to realize a valuable lesson: that familiarity and practice were evolving into intuition.  And I began to trust the intuition.  I let it guide my hand and my gaze and I found myself picking up a piece and moving it to its proper slot with my subconscious mind.  Hardly a thought involved, more of a feeling… more of a trust. 

It started to happen so often, I would find myself surprised if the piece didn’t “magically” fit right into the slot.  But that confusion lead to another lesson: that when you trust your intuition and it seems like it’s not working out, sometimes you are so close to achieving your goal that all you  have to do is tinker a little bit.  Ninety-nine percent of the “work” has already been done… simply rotate the piece and (violà!) the puzzle piece fits!  

Of course, no one technique is perfect for every situation in life or for every puzzle piece.  Sometimes even magical intuition takes a break and you’re left scratching your head (unable to tell if the piece belongs to the black kitten with dark brown highlights or to the dark brown kitten with black accents… it was a maddening puzzle, I tell you!).   

Along with my intuition, my eyeballs need to take a break from the puzzle at that point.  But after my husband came home and sat in “my” seat in front of the puzzle, the little kid in me had a renewed interest in the puzzle since he was playing with “my” toy. 

The loss of my seat caused me to be in a different physical position and I looked at the puzzle while hovering over my husband’s shoulder (which he, somehow, didn’t mind).  Suddenly, I was able to see all those pesky pieces in a new light (figuratively… and literally) and I couldn’t believe how easy it was to spot the bits that were clearly a shade browner or a tinge blacker. 

I was grateful for yet another lesson from my dear jigsaw puzzle: that when you feel like you’ve run out of options (intuition and tinkering just aren’t getting it done), then try  approaching the situation from a different angle and you’ll be amazed by how much you are able to see that you simply could not see before.  And being open to a different perspective is truly enriching to one’s life experience. 

So, what was the fifth puzzle?  It was a whopper!  A 1,000 piece puzzle of beautiful Mount Rainier to celebrate an upcoming trip to Washington state.  And when my husband and I are experiencing that amazing trip, I know that I’ll be more open to trusting my intuition, tinkering with the itinerary, and looking at the details of the adventure from a variety of perspectives to get the fullest, richest experience. 

I am grateful that I was so naughty this week and didn’t do all that I was “supposed” to do.  Lessons are everywhere and sometimes one just needs to "waste" time on a jigsaw puzzle (or five!) to let the wisdom come in. 

Courtney D. Starkey, M.Ed., CHt has trained with many leaders in the field of hypnosis and utilizes their methods (including Brian Weiss' PLR, Michael Newton's LBL, Dolores Cannon's QHHT, Carol Bowman's Affect Bridging, and Marie Mongan's HypnoBirthing) as she supports her clients by guiding them through thoughtfully personalized hypnosis sessions. 

She has worked with hundreds of clients and has guided them through past life regressions, Soul Self connections, current life memories, progressions into the future, abundance exercises, self-healing exercises, higher wisdom questions, life's purpose exercises, inner wisdom questions, dreams, and more.

To learn more about Courtney’s work and how it can be of service to you, please visit

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