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Does Hypnosis Really Work

Does Hypnosis Really Work

Written By: Marcella McMahon

Here is a letter a client wrote me recently...

A skeptic ...that is the best word I can think of to describe my attitude toward hypnotherapy, past life regression etc. I felt it was some kind of voodoo, crazy fortune-teller craft.  But, my relationship with my husband was unstable and crashing into multiple dead ends.  I was feeling the threat of a complete loss of our connection as mates and of our life we had created.  No matter how much I read, mulled over my thought patterns, talked with my husband, I was missing a vital piece of a very important picture and becoming increasingly depressed with no light in sight.   

How could hypnotherapy and past life regression really help with any of these issues?? Didn't we need to see a Licensed marriage and family counselor instead??  I asked myself these questions innumerable times and almost cancelled my hypnotherapy appointment many times.  

I have only had 2 sessions with Marcella so far, but the amount of healing and soul growth I have experienced have been mind-blowing....not just for me, but my husband feels it as well.  My heart has been blown wide open to receive the answers and information I have been needing in order to work through issues that were plaguing us...issues I couldn't get through despite multiple attempts on my own.

The world now looks different to me; things are less complicated and less stressful.  Essentially, life seems to have been put into perspective and with greater clarity.  The gray cloud of depression that was closing in has also completely lifted!  I have found joy to focus on what truly matters and energy to resume activities that enhance a positive life.   The connection with my husband is far greater than I could have hoped for and I know it will be a source to help us stay centered as our future unfolds.

I know there is still a lot of work for me to do and some of that will include more sessions with Marcella.  But, I love that we have a goal to strive toward and eventually I will be strong enough to continue with my growth on my own. She has been able to help me cut through to the core of the issues in an extremely short amount of time and allow light and heartfelt understanding to flood in!  I don't doubt anything about hypnotherapy or past life regression anymore.  Marcella is truly gifted!!  The healing that comes through is so deep, so potent, so is, simply stated, a life-saver and an amazing avenue for soul growth and healing ....on multiple levels!  

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